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Heat trace in dairy factories: milk powder, hoppers and freezers

Heat tracing for condensation prevention in milk powder

Heat trace can be applied onto any surface that has milk powder on it to prevent condensation from forming on the inside of the pipe or tank. This is to stop the milk powder from sticking, degrading and causing blockages on your production line. We can use many different cables for this application and the cable type used depends on hazardous area rating (e.g. Zone 20 / 21 / 22).

Heat tracing or hopper heaters for condensation prevention in hoppers

We also heat trace for condensation when we heat hoppers. Some dairy factories will have a bag house to collect and filter air. A bag house is heat traced to prevent ash from sticking and forming corrosive material. The corrosive material will damage the bag house. So heat tracing is used to prevent that from happening.

Heat tracing for general frost protection

Frost protection can be needed to prevent outside water piping in the South Island to fire sprinkler piping in a freezer.

Heat tracing applications in freezers

Heat tracing is used for many applications in the freezers. Freezer drains, drip trays and freezer doors.

This is by no means all the applications for heat tracing in dairy factories. If you have an application that you think heat tracing may be suitable for please get in contact with us and we will use our 20years heat tracing experience to help. If we can’t heap we will probably know someone who will be able to help. For free heat trace advice Vaughan a call on 021 401 444.

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