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Thermon Products

VMS Heat Tracing supply a range of industrial process heating solutions across New Zealand.


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Industrial Heat Tracing


These cables and accessories are suitable for use within Zone 1 & Zone 2 hazardous areas including petrochem, oil & gas, food, waste water and biodiesel plants.

Applications include:

  • Frost protection

  • Process temperature maintenance 

  • Temperature maintenance with precise temperature control 

  • Medium temperature heat trace

  • High temperature heat trace 

  • Tank and hopper heating systems 

  • Foundation heating/frost heave protection

Commercial & Residential Heat Tracing

Whether freeze protecting pipes, melting snow or ice on roofs and outdoor surfaces, protecting freezer floors or maintaining temperatures on hot water supply lines, Thermon has your heating solution.

Commercial products are suitable for schools, hospitals, offices, public buildings, hotels and residential developments. 

Applications include:

  • Frost protection

  • Greasy waste lines

  • Hot water temperature maintenance 

  • Ramp and access way heating (for snow and ice removal) 

  • Gutter heating 

  • Fire escape safety



For advice and a quote on the above products, call Vaughan on (09) 473 2119.

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