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Heat trace is used to combat heat losses within systems.

Common applications where we use heat trace include:

Frost protection

  • Residential water pipes

  • Fire sprinkler systems

  • Irrigation systems

  • Snow and ice protection for walk ways / guttering

  • Ski fields



  • Oil and gas applications

  • Hopper heating

  • Bitumen plants

  • Dairy factory applications

  • Capillary tube heating


  • Food process industry

  • Freezing works (tallow frost protection)

  • Cool stores

  • Honey 

  • Greasy waste lines

Residential and apartments

  • Hot water maintenance

Custom Heated Soft Covers

  • Drums

  • Gas bottles

  • IBC containters

  • More information on heated soft covers found here.

VMS Heat Tracing are heating and insulation specialists. We can advise you on the right products and system design to meet your needs. 

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