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Heated Soft Covers and Insulated Covers

Do you need to maintain a temperature on an unusual item? Our heated soft covers are used for general warming, heating or to maintain elevated temperatures. They are also used to prevent condensation in hoppers and cones to stop product from sticking inside.

Uses include:

- IBC container heaters

- IBC container warmers

- Drum warmers

- Drum heaters

- Heated covers for pumps

- Heated covers for valves

- Heated gas bottle covers

- Gas bottle warmers

- Custom made heated covers

Custom soft covers are especially useful as they can be removed to give access for cleaning and maintenance. We build these for customers when conventional heat tracing and insulation cannot be used to maintain a temperature.

VMS Heat Tracing have manufactured covers for a range of industries and purposes including:

- dairy factories

- caustic soda

- honey

- food industry

- bitumen and emulsion applications etc.

We have also made cable warmers for large cables so that they can be bent. They are generally not an intense heat and so they can be used without damaging products that cannot be exposed to high heat (e.g. honey and other products with sugars).

Heated soft covers have many uses and these are shipped all over New Zealand. They can be made to meet the requirements of certified areas (hazardous areas). Heated soft covers can also be temperature controlled or not depending on your requirements.

Call VMS Heat Tracing to find out more Vaughan Skiffington on 021 401 444.

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