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Heat tracing for greasy waste lines and trade waste

We use a product called HSX (warm trace) to heat greasy waste lines. Typically they need to be maintained between 40-45 degrees.

HSX warm trace has been developed to maintain hot water pipelines at 45, 50 and 60 degrees. It's Thermon's only cable built within tight parameters for specific applications. HSX series heat trace cable has been designed and built with plumbers in mind.

Warm trace in conjunction with insulation to maintain a specific temperature. It's easy to apply on polymer / plastic piping and also copper.

To apply warm trace, the HSX cable runs linear along the pipe and for a basic greasy waste pipeline it usually requires only one pass. If the pipeline is going underground it is prudent to use a second pass as a back up.

For more info on heating greasy waste lines and trade waste give Vaughan a call on 021 401 444.

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