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Heat Tracing Plastic Pipes

Customers often ask us "can we heat trace plastic pipes?"

The answer is yes you can heat trace plastic pipes! By plastic piping, we mean any polymer piping (non-metallic).

The typical applications where you might want to heat trace plastic piping includes:

  • freezing pipes/frozen pipes (frost protection)

  • hot water maintenance

  • greasy waste (trade waste) pipe lines.

For the applications above there are mostly no issues, but always check with the specification from the piping manufacturer. Remember that you cannot heat to in-excess of the piping manufactures recommendations.

The main issues with plastic is poor heat transfer. Thermon have specific recommendations regarding how to heat plastic piping to make sure the heat trace is used effectively.

There is no need to assume that you need to use copper piping or metallic piping. For anyone wondering, yes you can heat trace plastic piping.

For more information please call VMS Heat Tracing Ltd

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