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Frost Protection for Frozen Pipes in Wintery New Zealand Conditions

Both the Central North Island and the South Island of New Zealand have temperatures cold enough to freeze pipes in winter. In extreme cases, pipes have the potential to burst due to frozen water expansion.

Heat trace can be used to prevent the water from freezing in pipes and is a very basic and easy application for frost protection.

Frost protection heat trace for small diameter piping is stocked in many electrical and plumbing wholesalers in the lower South Island of New Zealand. This is a basic self regulating heat trace cable suitable for household water pipes, fire sprinkler systems, farmers pump sheds etc. You can order this Thermon heat trace cable using the code CSR620.

This heat trace cable should not be used in industrial applications including minus 20 freezers, caustic lines, dairy factories.

For more information on how to protect pipes from frost contact Vaughan from VMS Heat Tracing and we will give you honest, unbiased advice.

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